TI 84 Graphing Calculator Man. App Reviews

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Great App

Easy descriptions to understand the TI.

Love this app

Using my ti 84 plus silver is so easy now with this app

Very Useful

Contains very helpful information about the TI and makes learning easier.

Best manual

We all use this app in math class It is perfect to understand the calculator because it is very easy explained

Its a MANUAL...

Well, wasnt quite expecting this app to ONLY teach you how to use a graphing calculator and not actually include a FUNCTION to USE an ACTUAL GRAPHING CALCULATOR. Wow. Terrible.


Thank you gor making me waste $5 for a manual. I wanted a ti-84 for my math test but no thats not good enough. If you expect me to go out and buy a $20 calculator to use this freaking app you are sadly mistaken.

Waste of time

Waste of $5. F you!

This is terrible.

Waste of 5 dollars. Never ever ever ever ever expected there to be a FIVE DOLLAR MANUAL on how to use a calculator. What the actual heck?

I learned a little, but not $5 worth

I was really hoping I could learn more calculator tricks than I did.

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