TI 84 Graphing Calculator Man. App Reviews

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Great App

Easy descriptions to understand the TI.

Love this app

Using my ti 84 plus silver is so easy now with this app

Very Useful

Contains very helpful information about the TI and makes learning easier.

Best manual

We all use this app in math class It is perfect to understand the calculator because it is very easy explained

Its a MANUAL...

Well, wasnt quite expecting this app to ONLY teach you how to use a graphing calculator and not actually include a FUNCTION to USE an ACTUAL GRAPHING CALCULATOR. Wow. Terrible.


Thank you gor making me waste $5 for a manual. I wanted a ti-84 for my math test but no thats not good enough. If you expect me to go out and buy a $20 calculator to use this freaking app you are sadly mistaken.

Waste of time

Waste of $5. F you!

This is terrible.

Waste of 5 dollars. Never ever ever ever ever expected there to be a FIVE DOLLAR MANUAL on how to use a calculator. What the actual heck?

I learned a little, but not $5 worth

I was really hoping I could learn more calculator tricks than I did.

This did not show anything I need

It made me pay 4.99 and then brought me to another calculator app to buy another one cause it didn’t have the calculator this is junk

App not complete

App is not fully functional like a graphing calculator such as using a list of values Misleading. Don’t use it.

TI 84 Bundle

I brought this app just for the DISTR FUNCTION but when I went to use this function I doesn’t have it I have to wait for the up grade. I feel like I was ripped out of $16. If you are taking statistics and need that function key please do not buy.

Rip off

Not a calculator.

Not a calculator

THIS IS NOT A CALCULATOR! Just because it costs 4.99 does not mean it’s a calculator, it’s just a stupid GUIDE on how to use the calculator. I definitely should have read into it before spending the money. I will now be trying to get a refund on this purchase.

Scum app advert

I bought this thinking it was a calculator, but it’s completely worthless.

This was an accident

I didn't want this app. I want my money back...

Bull crap

People actually need this calculator and for it to be disguised as a actual calculator is pointless. It has people thinking it’s the real thing and that’s a waste of money.

Needs a better title

My daughter was in need of ti 84 for her final and hers had just broke. While the word man. Is in the title she did not realize that meant manual only. This was a useless app and non refundable. I only wish I would’ve read the reviews. We were on a time crunch and she was in panic mode as she needed it the next day

TI 84 calculator manual

This manual for the TI-84 graphing calculator is awesome! It helped me so much to prepare for tests and the ACT. It teaches you everything you must know about the graphing calculator and is easy to understand. You should really get this if you have a TI 84 grapher!

It’s a manual

I did not see it clearly. It’s just a manual and I don’t even have a TI 84 calculator


doo doo lol


I payed 5 dollars because they made it look like an actual calculator☹️ I can look this stuff up online for free.

Please read

I bought this app not thinking and thought it was a calculator but then when I bought it I saw it said manual when it was to late can I get a refund?

Not worth it.

Terrible app. Difficult to navigate can't even use the calculator


This was not at all what I was looking for, I’d like a refund

This is a manual

In school most teachers tell you how to use the calculator. I bought this and the other TI Ce Calculator app thinking they could legitimately be used as calculators but they are both manuals. I went my money back

Not a calculator

This is just a user manual. Not a calculator. The user manual can be downloaded for free on line.

Waste of money

I think having a manual is helpful for most people but it wasn’t useful at all for me. I literally spent $5.29 to buy that, thinking it would help.

Is there a calculator?

No calculator with bundle worst waste of $5 ever is there a way I can get money back I would appreciate it


This app was horrible and useless. I would like a refund.


This is not a calculator. Yes,yes, it says manual, unfortunately I saw this after buying this app. I saw the calculator app TI-84 , and bought it because I needed it ASAP for next morning. Thank a lot. Hope you will be happy with my $5

Not a calculator.

I was looking for an app version of the calculator I need, but can’t seem to have delivered on time. Make it so “manual” is a readable word in the description...

You got me

Love how the title cuts off. Absolutely got tricked into thinking this was the calculator and manual.


Not at all helpful I would like a refund tried using deleted the same day

Don’t get this app

This app is horrible and unhelpful so save your money and don’t buy this app

I love this app!!

I like this music app. There are many good songs from the singers from there

Original Calculator for $5 ??

I wish I would have known earlier that there was such an app for the TI-84…

Works for TI-84 Plus Silver Edition

I'm using the TI 84 plus Silver Edition and wasn't sure if it's the right app for my calculator, but it is! Feel free to get it :)

Texas Instruments TI 84

The TI-84 is a really good calculator and with this app it is becoming even better because I don't have to remember all the steps to solve an equation

Recommended by our math teacher

We use the TI 84 graphing calculator in math class and my teacher recommended this app for us to understand the TI84 better.. It's awesome man!!

TI-84 Manual

Come on guys, the developers really tried to make it obviously that it is a manual and not an actual graphing calculator. And it's a good manual for TI 84!!!

Like to do the math problems here

This app comes with so many math problems, that I was able to learn to use the TI 84 graphing calculator on my own

Graphing calculator TI 84

Great app! Includes all functions you would need to handle the TI 84

Graphing calculator TI84

Way better than spending $100 on an actual graphing calculator and don’t know to use the TI 84

Finally passing math

I always hated this TI-84 calculator but with this app it became very simple, download it now

TI-84 Plus -> Download this app!

This app is a live saver for all students

Good graphing calculator manual

Using it for my TI 84 and it helps a lot, I also like to practice the math problems in the app for my exams

Good graphing calculator manual

Using it for my TI 84 and it helps a lot, I also like to practice the math problems in the app for my exams

A manual for Ti-84

It's a TI 84 manual… it's so funny that people don't get it lol

Can’t use my Tl-84 without this app anymore

I mean I don't want to use TI-84 without the app. It just makes everything so easy to understand.

I'm a Math Teacher

As a teacher I recommend this app to all my students. It doesn't replace a teacher but students can look up key press sequences at home. We are using the TI-84 Plus C

Tl 84 calculator manual

Everybody in our math class uses this. The perfect app for high school students who have a TI-84 Plus

Tl-84 in high school

I'm using this app in senior high school and it includes all important topics for the TI 84

Tl-84 handheld

This should be delivered after you buy a TI 84 graphing calculator. It is sooo much better than the printed user manual!

Tl 84

Yeah dudes, go get this app

Live saver

Math was so hard for me as I didn't become friends with this stupid TI 84 graphic calculator haha, however now it's pretty simple to understand with this app



The best! TI-84 Graphing Calculator Manual

The TI-84 Graphing Calculator Manual is the best! The TI-84 Graphing Calculator Manual knows more than any math teacher, is fun & easy to use. I would highly recommend it to anyone of my closest friends.

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